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  • The Scots, as at Falkirk, were ranged in solid clumps of pikemen above the burn, with only a small reserve of horse.
  • For the devices employed against the Scottish schiltrons of pikemen at Dupplin and Halidon, were the same as those which won all the great battles of the Hundred Years Warthe combination of archery, not with cavalry (the old system of Hastings and Falkirk), but with dismounted menat-arms. The nation, meanwhile prosperous, not vexed by overmuch taxation, and proud of its young king, was ready and willing to follow him into any adventure that he might indicate.
  • Three corps of pikemen in solid masses formed the first line, which was kept out of sight behind the crest until the enemy advanced in earnest.
  • The reserve under Bruce consisted of a corps of pikemen and a squadron of Soo chosen men-at-arms under Sir Robert.
  • They were formed in four deep and close masses ("schiltrons") of pikemen, the light troops screening the front and flanks and a body of men-at-arms standing in reserve.

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