Sentence Examples

  • He latter are mixed associations, such as fens, where different :cies are produced by the varying abundance of characteristic ants, such as Cladium Mariscus, Phragmites communis, Molinia~ erulea, Calamagrostis lanceolata, and Juncus obtusiftorus.
  • The moist soil encourages luxuriant thickets of willows (Salicineae), surrounded by dense chevaux-de-frise of wormwood and thornbearing Compositae, and interspersed with rich but not extensive prairies, harbouring a great variety of herbaceous plants; while in the deltas of the Black Sea rivers impenetrable beds of reeds (Arundo phragmites) shelter a forest fauna.
  • - Spikelet of Reed (Phragmites cornmunis) opened out.
  • Many grasses are almost cosmopolitan, such as the common reed, Phragmites communis; and many range throughout the warm regions of the globe, e.g.
  • There is, however, justification for referring some specimens to Arundo, Phragmites, and to the Bambuseae.

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