Sentence Examples

  • On account of the relatively great strength of Ha at a considerable distance from the photosphere, the new photographs recorded flocculi at high levels previously unexplored.
  • For "crown"), in astronomy, the exterior envelope of the sun, being beyond the photosphere and chromosphere, invisible in the telescope and unrecognized by the spectroscope, except during a total eclipse (see SUN; Eclipse).
  • It is, however, important to bear in mind that Lane's theory is concerned with the temperature of the body of the star; the temperature of the photosphere and absorbing layers, with which we are chiefly concerned, does not necessarily follow the same law.
  • The temperature of the photosphere at this stage has reached a maximum, and the star is new of the helium type.
  • Then follows a gradual absorption of first the helium and then the hydrogen, the photosphere grows continually cooler, and the star passes successively through the stages exemplified by Sirius, Procyon, the Sun, Arcturus and Antares.

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