Sentence Examples

  • Any picture that you can download can be turned into wallpaper, so if there is something specific you want, such as one of the iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition pictures, you can more than likely create it as a screensaver.
  • If you would like a puppy on your desktop, but you'd rather not waste time caring for it, playing with it and feeding it, then downloading the puppy screensaver from this site would be your perfect solution.
  • Lilli's Free Screensavers has a number of screensavers for you to enjoy, including animations of relaxing tropical beach scenes and an aquarium screensaver with moving fish and bubble sound effects.
  • Some programs launch every time the computer starts, other applications work only when the screensaver kicks in, and still other programs only launch when you feel like playing with your virtual pet.
  • Although it can be fun to search for free screensavers for your computer, it's important to take a few security precautions before downloading the screensaver of your choice.