Sentence Examples

  • The plant formation may be designated in technical language ph the termination -ion added to a stem denoting the habitat.
  • He studied at Hameln, Luneburg, Hamburg, Lubeck and Danzig, and after graduating Ph.D.
  • In nearly all plants which produce secondary vascular tissues by means of a cambium there is another layer of secondary meristem arising externally to, but in quite the same fashion as, Ph II
  • Thus, associ- 1~e] ions of Agropyrum (Triticum) junceum, of Carex arenaria, of ~ ~nmophila (Psamma) arenaria, and of other plants occur on sa rid dunes: the associations are related by the general identity ph the habitat conditions, namely, the physiological dryness f d the loose soil; but they are separated by differences in f~1
  • Therefore, having graduated as Ph.D.