Sentence Examples

  • The Spanish government lodged a vigorous protest, but the French National Assembly refused to lend any assistance, and Floridablanca was forced to conclude a humiliating treaty and give up all hope of opposing the pf ogress of Great Britain.
  • He also published in 1794-1799 an Ausfilhrliche Erklarung der Hogarthschen Ku pf erstiche.
  • Halogen Compounds.-Phosphorus trifluoride, PF 3, discovered by Davy, may be obtained mixed with the pentafluoride; by direct combination of its elements; from the tribromide and arsenic trifluoride (Maclvor); from the tribromide and zinc fluoride, and from dried copper phosphide and lead fluoride (H.
  • Soc., 1877, 25, p. 122), may be obtained by burning the trifluoride in fluorine, from the pentachloride and arsenic trifluoride and from the trifluoride and bromine, the first formed fluorobromide, PF 3 Br 21 decomposing into the pentabromide and pentafluoride: 5PF 3 Br 2 =3PF 5 +2PBr 5.
  • It combines directly with ammonia in the proportion 2PF 5 :5NH 3, and with nitrogen peroxide at -to° in the proportion PF 5 :NO 2.

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