Sentence Examples

  • Peta y .), %vs ePaQCv yhvTCoX6yoc; Origen, Horn.
  • E mu liissar I i it/ o, , peta, = S s ?
  • .4TaXXov, in the same sense, probably connected with µET aXXav, to search after, explore, pETa, after, AXXos, other).
  • Hardy, London, Pali Text Society, 1902), especially the Introduction, passim; Theri Gatha Commentary, Peta Vatthu Commentary, and Vimana Vatthu Commentary, all three published by the Pali Text Society.
  • Thus in the story of the good layman Citta, it is an aspiration expressed on the deathbed; 2 in the dialogue on the subject, it is a thought dwelt on during life, 3 in the numerous stories in the Peta and Vimana V atthus it is usually some isolated act, in the discussions in the Dhamma Sangani it is some mental disposition, which is the Karma (doing or action) in the one life determining the position of the individual in the next.

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