Sentence Examples

  • The use of pasties to cover the areolas was the most noticeable change, but the addition of sequins, rhinestones, and tassels changed pasties from a handicap to an innovation.
  • If you like the look of open lingerie, but you are still fairly modest when it comes to your ensemble, you can buy convenient stickers, or pasties, to wear over your nipples.
  • Another option is adding another layer between your bra and your shirt, as with a camisole or slip. breast pasties are another option and won't add any extra bulk.
  • It is still an evocative word, bringing to mind the lurid image of a busty, 1950s performer bumping and grinding in tasseled pasties and a sequined g-string.
  • So as a means to titillate but not agitate, breast pasties were used to cover the nipple and thus give the illusion of toplessness.