Sentence Examples

  • The feeble inadequacy of conception, infirmity of power, factional jealousy, disintegrating particularism, and vicious finance of the Confederation were realized by many others; but none other saw so clearly the concrete nationalistic remedies for these concrete ills, or pursued remedial ends so constantly, so ably, and so consistently.
  • Was to show how far the spirit of particularism was from extinction.
  • The trampling out of the last embers of Danish particularism in the North was reserved for thelstans brothers and successors, Edmund and Edred (940955), who put down ~rn~nd.
  • The best proof that King Henrys orderly if autocratic rgime was appreciated at its true value by his English subjects, is that when the second series of rebellions raised by his undutiful sons began In 1182, there was no stir whatever in England, though in Normandy, Brittany and Aquitaine the barons rose in full force to support the young princes, whose success would mean the triumph of particularism and the destruction of the Angevin empire.
  • On the other hand, local particularism was so strong that the conquered would not, at first, consent to give up their natural indepen.dence and merge themselves in the victors.

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