Sentence Examples

  • You could have the pleasure of lining a bird cage with the newspaper and letting your parakeet crap on the bad review, and that was the end of that.
  • Many pretty little finches fly about the maize-fields and fruit-gardens, and a little green parakeet is met with as l;.igh as 12,000 ft.
  • Perrot or Pierrot, the diminutive of the proper name Pierre), the name given 1 "Parakeet" (in Shakespeare, i Hen.
  • Parakeet (spelt in various ways in English) is usually applied to the smaller kinds of Parrots, especially those which have long tails, not as Perroquet in French, which is used as a general term for all Parrots, Perruche, or sometimes Perriche, being the ordinary name for what we call Parakeet.
  • In North America the Carolina parakeet, Conurus carolinensis, at the beginning of the i 9th century used to range in summer as high as the shores of lakes Erie and Ontario - a latitude equal to the south of France; and even much later it reached, according to trustworthy information, the junction of the Ohio and the Mississippi, though now its limits have been so much curtailed that its occurrence in any but the Gulf States is doubtful.