Sentence Examples

  • This value of 0 is the same for all parabolas which pass through D and E and have their axes at right angles to KL.
  • As the loads move over the girder, the points C, D, E describe the parabolas M1, M2, M3 i the middle ordinates of which are 4W 1 1, 4W 2 1, and 4W3l.
  • The three lightly W2 dotted parabolas are the curves of maximum moment for each of the loads taken separately.
  • In tangential q, r) co-ordinates the inscribed and circumscribed conics take the forms Xqr+µrp+vpq=o and 1/ X p+ 1 /µ q + V y r = o; these are parabolas when X++'=° and V X = 1 / µ 1 / v= o respectively.
  • In the geometry of plane curves, the term parabola is often used to denote the curves given by the general equation a' n x n = ym+n, thus ax= y 2 is the quadratic or Apollonian parabola; a 2 x = y 3 is the cubic parabola, a 3 x = y4 is the biquadratic parabola; semi parabolas have the general equation ax n-1 = yn, thus ax e = y 3 is the semicubical parabola and ax 3 = y 4 the semibiquadratic parabola.

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