Sentence Examples

  • He discovered a simpler method of quadrating parabolas than that of Archimedes, and a method of finding the greatest and the smallest ordinates of curved lines analogous to that of the then unknown differential calculus.
  • The second includes a "Method for the Quadrature of Parabolas," and a treatise "on Maxima and Minima, on Tangents, and on Centres of Gravity," containing the same solutions of a variety of problems as were afterwards incorporated into the more extensive method of fluxions by Newton and Leibnitz.
  • If one of the foci be at infinity, the conics are confocal parabolas, which may also be regarded as parabolas having a common focus and axis.
  • Were parabolas in most cases within the limits of error of his observations.
  • It should also be remarked that even if the curves were not parabolas, it would always be possible to draw parabolas to agree closely with the observations over a restricted range of temperature.

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