Sentence Examples

  • The form-fitting uniforms of professional football players don't allow for much layering, but something is demanded during a cold game and so many players turned to pantyhose over the years - not mentioning it in public, of course.
  • For Your Legs divides the selection of hose into men's vs. women's, then compression levels, and further into sections for knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, and maternity styles for women, and knee highs and thigh highs for men.
  • Whether you choose a sheer bare-leg tone to complete the cool look of your summer dress, or a dark cocoa color to give your legs a sleeker look that keeps you warm in the winter, pantyhose can help you make a fashion statement.
  • Plus size women can easily find traditional, queen size pantyhose at most department stores, and pantyhose offering additional styles and features are available through plus size stores, specialty stores and online retailers.
  • Whether you've got tummy control pantyhose with a stretch lace band so that it doesn't dig in or shapewear that feels good all day long, or a bra that feels cool to the skin for the hot days of summer, comfort is key.