Sentence Examples

  • Near Regensburg is the pantheon of German worthies, known as the Valhalla.
  • Thus Delitzsch formerly derived the name from an Akkadian god, I or Ia; or from the Semitic nominative ending, Yau; 7 but this deity has since disappeared from the pantheon of Assyriologists.
  • The hillock on which it rises was no doubt the site of earlier churches, but the present Transitional building dates only from the 12th and 13th centuries, while its portico was built in the 18th century, after the model of the Pantheon at Rome.
  • Olger Danske and Barbarossa, and depend ultimately on an identification with the gods of the Northern Pantheon, notably Thor.
  • The need for a more spiritual and intellectual interpretation of the pantheon still remained, and gave rise to a number of theological sciences.