Sentence Examples

  • A statue of the Virgin Mary here is visited annually (especially during May) by thousands from Pangasinan and adjoining provinces.
  • Salt is an important export, being manufactured in salt water swamps and marshes throughout the province of Pangasinan (whose name, from asin, " salt," means "the place where salt is produced").
  • MANAOAG, a town in the north central part of the province of Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippine Islands, on the Angalacan river, 21 m.
  • The great bulk of the population, approximately 90%, is included in seven Christian tribes as follows: Visayan, 3,219,030; Tagalog, 1,460,695; Ilocano, 803,942; Bicol, 566,365; Pangasinan, 343,686; Pampangan, 280,984; and Cagayan, 159,648.
  • Most of the Ilocanos are in the western half of north Luzon; most of the Bicols in south Luzon; most of the Pangasinans in the province of Pangasinan, which borders on the Gulf of Lingayen; most of the Pampangans in the province of Pampanga, which borders the north shore of Manila Bay; and most of the Cagayans in the valley of the Cagayan river.

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