Sentence Examples

  • Here he established the worst, of Athena, instituted the Panathenaea, and built an Erechtheum.
  • Again, the Platonic dialogue Hip parchus (which though not genuine is probably earlier than the Alexandrian times) asserts that Hipparchus, son of Peisistratus, first brought the poems to Athens, and obliged the rhapsodists at the Panathenaea to follow the order of the text, " as they still do," instead of reciting portions chosen at will.
  • Theseus now carried out a political revolution in Attica by abolishing the semi-independent powers of the separate townships and concentrating those powers at Athens, and he instituted the festival of the Panathenaea,3 as a symbol of the unity of the Attic race.
  • 3 Besides the Panathenaea Theseus is said to have instituted the festival of the Synoikia or Metoikia.
  • PANATHENAEA, the oldest and most important of the Athenian festivals.

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