Sentence Examples

  • The lakes Averno (Avernus), Lucrino (Lucrinus), Fusaro (Palus Acherusia), and Agnano are within this group, which has shown activity in historical times.
  • (3) Lake Van, called Arsissa Palus and also Thospitis from its Armenian names, is roughly rectangular 55 m.
  • Palus, a stake, for paglus, from the stem pagof pangere, to fix; "pole" is from the same original source), a stake, particularly one of a closely set series driven into the ground to form the defensive work known as a "palisade"; also one of the lighter laths or strips of wood set vertically and fastened to a horizontal rail to form a "paling."
  • Farther west, on the coast, and provided with a convenient harbour, stands Pozzuoli (Puteoli), a city containing many Roman remains, but now chiefly remarkable for the large gunworks erected by Messrs Armstrong & Co.; and beyond it, round the Bay of Baiae, are Monte Nuovo, a hill thrown up in a single night in September 1538; the classic site of Baiae; the Lucrine Lake; Lake Avernus; the Lake of Fusaro (Acherusia Palus); the Elysian t Fields; and the port and promontory of Misenum.
  • - Corallum of Caryophyllia; semi-diagrammatic. th, Theca; c, costae; sp, septa; p, palus; col, columella.