Sentence Examples

  • The mandibular somite bears a pair of gnathobasic hemignaths without rami or palps, and is followed by two jaw-bearing somites (maxillary and labial).
  • In Apus, as the figure shows, there are four of these " antenna-like " palps or filaments on the first thoracic limb.
  • All the cephalic appendages are much reduced, the mandibles have no palps, and the maxillulae are vestigial.
  • In those Copepods in which the palps of the mandibles as well as the antennae are biramous and natatory, the first three pairs of appendages retain throughout life, with little modification, the shape and function which they have in the nauplius stage, and must, in all likelihood, be regarded as approximating to those of the primitive Crustacea.
  • The palps are very short and conical as a rule.

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