Sentence Examples

  • In two of the three families of Thysanoptera the female has a conspicuous ovipositor (fig.
  • Many species of Thysanoptera are known to be habitually parthenogenetic. The eggs are laid on the food-plant, those females possessed of an ovipositor cutting through the epidermis and placing their eggs singly within the plant-tissues; a single female may take five or six weeks to deposit all her eggs.
  • I, 4) the abdomen is cylindrical, the female is provided with a ventral ovipositor and has the terminal abdominal segment conical; the corresponding segment in the male is usually bluntly rounded.
  • There are two families of Terebrantia: (a) the Aeolpthripidae, whose feelers have nine segments; whose wings, relatively broad and rounded at the tip, have a few cross nervules, and whose ovipositor is curved backwards; and (b) the Thripidae, whose feelers have six to eight segments, whose narrow acuminate wings have no cross nervules, and whose ovipositor (fig.
  • There is no ovipositor, and the wings are either without nervures or have only a single degraded longitudinal nervure which does not reach to the tip. While the Terebrantia are (After H.

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