Sentence Examples

  • Dendy, "On the Oviparous Species of Onychophorea," Quart.
  • Not the least interesting features connected with this strange life-history are the facts that the young may be born by the oviparous or viviparous methods and either gamogenetically or agamogenetically, and may develop into winged forms or remain wingless, and that the males only appear in any number at the close of the season.
  • Fleas are oviparous, and undergo a very complete metamorphosis.
  • There appears to be evidence that some species are occasionally or normally oviparous, and in the supposed oviparous species the oviduct opens at the end of a papilla called from its supposed function an ovipositor, but the oviparity has not yet been certainly proved as a normal occurrence.
  • Snakes are oviparous; they deposit from ten to eighty eggs of an ellipsoid shape, covered with a soft leathery shell, in places where they are exposed to and hatched by moist heat.