Sentence Examples

  • Prosorhocmus claparedii is a viviparous form.
  • They are unable to move on land, feed on fishes, are viviparous and poisonous.
  • A, Winged female; B, winged D, viviparous wingless female from in patches from old apple trees, where the insects live in the rough bark and form cankered growths both above and below ground.
  • Many Gastropoda deposit their eggs, after fertilization, enclosed in capsules; others, as Paludina, are viviparous; others, again, as the Zygobranchia, agree with the Lamellibranch Conchifera (the bivalves) in having simple exits for the ova without glandular walls, and therefore discharge their eggs unenclosed in capsules freely into the sea-water; such unencapsuled eggs are merely enclosed each in its own delicate chorion.
  • Spire of shell somewhat elongated; mantle-border fringed; viviparous; fluviatile.

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