Sentence Examples

  • Ous, ear; apparently, meaning "a thing heard" or "spoken"), a sign in divination, favourable or unfavourable as the case may be (see Divination, Augurs and Oracle).
  • Budding from the hydrocaulus may be combined with budding from the hydrorhiza, so that numer ous branching colonies arise from a common basal stolon.
  • - Tentaculocyst (statorhabd) ous with the endoderm of Cunina solnzaris.
  • About 1270), who had studied in France, wrote the fan.ous Or Zarua` (from which he is often called), an halakhic work somewhat resembling Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, but more diffuse.
  • In the republican chamber elected after the 16th of May, he became minister of public instruction (December 1877), and proposed var i ous republican laws, notably on compulsory primary education.

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