Sentence Examples

  • II) have feelers with seven or fewer distinct segments, and the fifth abdominal From Osb orn (after segment usually carries a pair of tubular proSchibdte), Bull.
  • Fur Orn., 1858, pp. 125-151).
  • It is a purely empirical orn Guided by experience, we are able to frame rules which enable us to say with more or less accuracy what will be the consequences, or what were the antecedents, of a given state of things.
  • Atn, Antennary nerves; co, commissures between ventral cords; d, ventral appendages of brain; E, eye en, nerves passing outwards from ventral cord; F.g.i, ganglionic enlargements from which nerves to feet pass off; jn, nerves to jaws; org, ganglionic enlargement from which nerves to oral papillae pass off; orn, nerves to oral papillae; pc, posterior lobe of brain; pn, nerves to feet; sy, sympathetic nerves.

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