Sentence Examples

  • Att a r ?orG{in .
  • Atn, Antennary nerves; co, commissures between ventral cords; d, ventral appendages of brain; E, eye en, nerves passing outwards from ventral cord; F.g.i, ganglionic enlargements from which nerves to feet pass off; jn, nerves to jaws; org, ganglionic enlargement from which nerves to oral papillae pass off; orn, nerves to oral papillae; pc, posterior lobe of brain; pn, nerves to feet; sy, sympathetic nerves.
  • The corn genome data is free for anyone to download at, in case you are bored some Sunday afternoon and want to see how to make corn.
  • Org., 283 f.; K.
  • Here's a description of them at the Wikipedia (

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