Sentence Examples

  • Opportunistic infection-An infection that is normally mild in a healthy individual, but which takes advantage of an ill person's weakened immune system to move into the body, grow, spread, and cause serious illness.
  • There are often no symptoms of HIV in infants, but within a few months most infants who are infected show signs of opportunistic infections such as failure to thrive, chronic thrush, and persistent diarrhea.
  • The diarrhea is usually caused by opportunistic infections of the digestive tract; the most common disease agents are Cryptosporidium parvum, Giardia lamblia, Campylobacter, or rotaviruses.
  • There are also some preventive measures that families can take to lower the risk of opportunistic infections and other complications in affected children.
  • This is because the immune system is usually depleted from the major battle and too exhausted to fight off opportunistic bacteria and other viruses.