Sentence Examples

  • Each book has a series of high-quality reproductions of great works of art, along with background information on each work and the artist together with enough open-ended questions to get a good conversation started.
  • Be sure to engage visitors to the fan page in dialogue; post thought provoking, open-ended questions, updates, and simple, interesting statements that support the company, organization or individual's brand image.
  • When you strike up a conversation with a person who interests you, try paying that person a sincere compliment, or asking an open-ended question about the other person that's likely to keep the conversation going.
  • Although each puzzle is fairly linear (as is the entire game), we owe our thanks to Ubisoft for adhering to this, as a completely open-ended Prince of Persia would be nearly impossible to complete...
  • "Semi-structured" means that it is an open-ended set of questions that allow the child's parents to describe the tics and other symptoms in detail rather than just answer brief yes-or-no questions.