Sentence Examples

  • Online leather outfitters such as have a few slingback styles that come in a decent variety of colors including: burgundy, dark green, brown, black, navy and off-white.
  • KushTush's silk pajamas is more of an off-white, which they call mica, but these are still elegant pajamas in silk charmeuse, and organic is always preferable where available.
  • Whether you are a widow or a divorcee, if you want to wear an off-white or even white formal wedding gown for your second trip down the aisle, it's up to you and your groom.
  • Everyone expects wedding cakes to be white, but heart cakes done in soft pink, off-white, ivory, or fire-engine red are especially memorable and look great in photographs.
  • Color: White is the most popular color for a holiday wedding gown, but off-white shades may not be as suitable if they clash with the sparkling white winter setting.