Sentence Examples

  • The country was ravaged by a monster, the Sphinx; Oedipus solved the riddle which it proposed to its victims, freed the country, and married his own mother.
  • Brea', "Le Mythe d'Odipe," in Mélanges de mythologie (1878), who explains Oedipus as a personification of light, and his blinding as the disappearance of the sun at the end of the day; J.
  • 1241), on learning that Oedipus was her son she immediately hanged herself; but in Euripides (Phoenissae, 1 455) she stabs herself over the bodies of her sons Eteocles and Polynices, who had slain each other in single combat before the walls of Thebes.
  • This picture was rejected and exists no longer, for Millet, short of canvas, painted over it "Oedipus Unbound," a work which during the following year was the object of violent criticism.
  • On his release in 1830 he published Schill and die Seinen, a tragedy, and a translation of Oedipus in Colonus.

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