Sentence Examples

  • But, though opposed to the principles of the Revolution, Consalvi was far from being a blind obscurantist, and he recognized the urgent need for reform in the system of papal government.
  • Equally extensive, but less important in the political sphere, were the Papal States and Veneti, the former torpid under the obscurantist rule of pope and cardinals, the latter enervated by luxury and the policy of unmanly complaisance long pursued by doge and council.
  • In this instance the ultimate success of the corporation greatly strengthened the Obscurantist and reactionary element throughout Austria.
  • In common with all the learned men of his age, he wished to see the power of the clergy broken, as that of an obscurantist army arrayed against light.
  • " Reason " and " enlightenment " were his watchwords; opposition to his wise measures he regarded as obscurantist and unreasonable, and unreason, if it proved stubborn, as a vice to be corrected with whips.

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