Sentence Examples

  • The half-demon had the impact of a nuclear bomb with absolutely no control.
  • Even if she did, the feds had thrown up walls on the other side that looked like they could withstand a nuclear blast.
  • In the first, a cleavage follows each nuclear division; in the second, the nuclei multiply by division a number of times, and then the ovum divides into as many blastomeres as there are nuclei present.
  • When fixed and stained this granular mass is resolved into a more or less distinct granular network which consists of a substance called Linin, only slightly stained by the ordinary nuclear stains, and, embedded in it, a more deeply stainable substance called Chromatin.
  • The nucleolus appears to form a part of t-he Linin network, but has usually also a strong affinity for nuclear stains.

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