Sentence Examples

  • - The Eastern Church has no creeds in the modern Western use of the word, no normative summaries of what must be believed.
  • Subsidiary to metaphysics, as the central inquiry, stand the sciences of logic and ethics, to which may be added aesthetics, constituting three normative sciences - sciences, that is, which do not, primarily, describe facts, but rather prescribe ends or set forth ideals.
  • Ueberweg's definition of it as "the science of the regulative laws of thought" (or "the normative science of thought") comes near enough to the traditional sense to enable us to compare profitably the usual subject-matter of the science with the definition and end of philosophy.
  • The introduction of the term "regulative" or "normative" is intended to differentiate the science from psychology as the science of mental processes or events.
  • The fact that some things are ultimate may be recognized by the synechist without abandoning his standpoint, since synechism is a normative or regulative principle, not a theory of existence.