Sentence Examples

  • These last are few; a still smaller number of natives are nominally Anglicans.
  • Under Byzantium it remained nominally until the 10th century, when we find the chief magistrate still bearing the title of apXow.3 In the 8th century 4 (720) the period of Saracen invasion began; but the Saracens never secured a firm footing in the island.
  • Through Chanut, with whom she was on terms of familiarity, she came to hear of Descartes, and a correspondence which the latter nominally carried on with the ambassador was in reality intended for the eyes of the queen.
  • (4) The Puka group, known as "the Seven Baryaks of Puka," dwell on the south side of the river Drin; they are nominally administered by a Turkish kaimakam, who is a mere spectator of their proceedings.
  • This body adjourned from Colorado City, nominally the capital, to Denver, and in 1862 Golden was made the seat of government.

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