Sentence Examples

  • Delving more deeply, you'll also find newsworthy stories about lingerie and advertisements like that of the French advertising sector that is currently calling for a local underwear manufacturer to pull their "racy" adverts.
  • Even in a busy news cycle, news outlets know they can't get by without reporting the latest news on the popular reality show front, and a Survivor eviction definitely makes the newsworthy cut.
  • The number one rule of writing and sending press releases is to make sure you are notifying the press of something that is actually newsworthy, not just something you think is newsworthy.
  • It was also the only year the ceremony was essentially a private dinner party; the media of the day wasn't entirely sure the event would catch on and actually become newsworthy.
  • Now that Paris is headed to the big house to serve time for violating her probation, it just seemed, well, newsworthy to drag out this track, her hit from last summer.