Sentence Examples

  • It often relieves neuralgia, especially when combined with caffeine and quinine.
  • It is of undoubted value as a local anodyne in sciatica and neuralgia, especially in ordinary facial or trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Among these should be mentioned John Fothergill (1712-1780), who investigated the "putrid sore throat" now called diphtheria, and the form of neuralgia popularly known as tic douloureux.
  • Towards the end of the summer of 1897 he began to suffer from an acute pain, which was attributed to facial neuralgia, and in November he went to Cannes.
  • Saltmaking is by no means an unhealthy trade, some slight soreness of the eyes being the only affection sometimes complained of; indeed the atmosphere of steam saturated with salt in which the workmen live seems specially preservative against colds, rheumatism, neuralgia, &c.

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