Sentence Examples

  • - 53 1548 An Ostrogoth, general of Theodo nc. Murdered Amalaric, and was murdered in turn at Seville by Theudigesil.
  • Sativum - p r i nc i pa l are very numerous and of every grade of intensity.
  • Unhappily the opposition, united in the desire to conciliate A,-ns.~~,, livicle(l on niiest ions of homp, nc,licv, (Thstliam would have met the new danger by parliamentary reform, giving increased voting power to the freeholders of the counties.
  • %, -"t-4,, t,, , u nc netr, ry ? ? ?
  • The usurpation of Smerdis (522521 nc.) and his death at the hands of Darius was the signal for numerous insurrections in Babylon, Susiana, Persis, Media, Armenia and many of the Eastern provinces.

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