Sentence Examples

  • No one has a road map when it comes to grief and once one is confronted with it, it's easy to feel as if you are lost in a vast ocean, tossed this way and that, nary a paddle nor a boat in sight.
  • While it's true that there's nary a liner to found with this set, you will get a two sided stick; one half contains richly pigmented lip color and the other, a glossy, high-shine, matching hue.
  • Aside from Eminem, you've got Jay-Z who claimed it and 50 Cent said he'd do it if Kanye's album did better than his (which it did), but nary a mention of hanging up the mic.
  • The bone chilling cold of the High Sierras will get most people scurrying for their goose down comforters and leaves nary a chance for even the hardiest of grape to sprout.
  • Though you can pad around the house with nary a thought for any of these problems, stepping outside is a different story unless you're hitting the beach.