Sentence Examples

  • 18, 1700) and the victory of Narva (Nov.
  • Riga and St Petersburg (including Cronstadt) are the principal ports, but flax is also exported from Revel, Windau, Pernau, Libau, Narva and Konigsberg.
  • It was a populous place as early as the 11th century, and carried on a lively trade with Narva on the Gulf of Finland.
  • 27 1917) this action was continued as opposed to the policy of the leading Baits (Sievers, Oettingen, Baron Pilar, Stryck), who were alarmed by the Bolshevik upheaval, the congress of the landless workers at Wolmar (Dec. 16-19 1917), the outrages of the Russian soldiery, the impotence of the more moderate Letts, the universal anti-German feeling, the danger to life and property, and obtained the occupation of the whole region up to Narva by German troops, thus aiding and abetting the Germans in their plans of domination.
  • Ballod, and had now to own allegiance to the Ulmanis Government, while the Russian volunteers were transferred to the Narva front.

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