Sentence Examples

  • Naphtha is also obtained, though in much smaller quantities, in Terek and Kuban, in Tiflis and Daghestan.
  • At the present time the choice lies practically only between the two solvents, carbon bisulphide and naphtha (petroleum ether).
  • The best solvents for rubber are carbon bisulphide, benzol and mineral naphtha, carbon tetrachloride and chloroform.
  • The first successful fractionation of coal-tar naphtha was devised by C. B.
  • In the first category there are two varieties: - (T) A mixture of ioo litres of spirit and 22 litres of a mixture of 4 parts of wood-naphtha and 1 of pyridine bases; this spirit, the use of which is practically limited to heating and lighting purposes, may be mixed with 50 grs.