Sentence Examples

  • To his own, the royalists began to compass the death of the man whom they had at first naively looked on as a potential General Monk to their Charles II.
  • Collier argues naively that if universal consent means the consent of those who have considered the subject, it may be claimed for his view.
  • In the chapter (xx.) of that work where Hobbes dealt with the famous problem whose solution he thought he had found, there were left expressions against Vindex (Ward) at a time when the solutions still seemed to him good; but the solutions themselves, as printed, were allowed to be all in different ways halting, as he naively confessed he had discovered only when he had been driven by the insults of malevolent men to examine them more closely with the help of his friends.
  • Was discovered; and by excavation conducted under Constantine's auspices, the Holy Sepulchre, " contrary to all expectation " as Eusebius naively says, was discovered also (see Jerusalem; and Sepulchre, The Holy).
  • 'The same sequence of phases is represented in sculpture by the votive statues from the sanctuaries of Aphrodite at Dali and of Apollo at V6ni and Frangissa; and by examples from other sites in the Cesnola collection; in painting by a rare class of naively polychromic vases; and in both by the elaborately coloured terra-cotta figures from the "Toumba" site at Salamis.

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