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  • - The Chaetopoda are with but few exceptions (Myzostomida in part, Sternaspis) elongated worms, flattened or, more usually, cylindrical, and bilaterally symmetrical.
  • They are divided as follows: (i) Haplodrili or Archiannelida; (2) Chaetopoda; (3) Myzostomida, probably degenerate Polychaeta; (4) Hirudinea (see CHAETOPODA and LEECH); (5) Echiuroidea.
  • MYZOSTOMIDA, a remarkable group of small parasitic worms which live on crinoid echinoderms; they were first discovered by Leuckart in 1827.
  • The Myzostomida are protandric hermaphrodites, being functional males when small, nermaphrodite later, and finally functional females (Wheeler).
  • The structure and development of the Myzostomida seem to show that they are nearly related to Polychaeta (see Chaetopoda), though highly modified in relation to their parasitic mode of life.

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