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  • A similar pair of coxal glands, lobate instead of ovoid in shape, was described by Lankester in Mygale, and it was also shown by him that the structures in Limulus called " brick-red glands " by Packard have the same structure and position as the coxal glands of Scorpio and Mygale.
  • In Mygale (figs.
  • Their movement in an upward or downward direction in Limulus and Mygale must exert a pumping action on the blood contained in the dorsal arteries and the ventral veins respectively.
  • Idem, " On the Skeletotrophic Tissues of Limulus, Scorpio and Mygale," Quart.
  • Lankester, " Coxal Glands of Limulus, Scorpio and Mygale," Quart.

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