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  • Whether the movably articulated segments which bear the FIG.
  • In many Crustacea the eyes are borne on stalks which are movably articulated with the head and which may be divided into two or three segments.
  • In the development of the Phyllopod Branchipus, the eyes are at first sessile, and the lateral lobes of the head on which they are set grow out and become movably articulated, forming the peduncles.
  • These teeth are connected with a framework of movably articulated ossicles developed as thickened and calcified portions of the lining cuticle of the stomach and moved by special muscles in such a way as to bring the three teeth together in the middle line.
  • They are movably articulated at the base where they are inserted in pits formed by a thinning away of the cuticle, and each is supplied by a nerve-fibril.

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