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  • The quadrate is invariably a conspicuous bone and movably articulating with the cranium and by a special process with the pterygoid.
  • Opisthosoma was movably articulated to the prosoma, and consisted of from eight to ten segments furnished with movable lateral plates, the anal segment being overlapped dorsally by a laminate expansion of the preceding segment.
  • Dentary movably attached to the tip of the articular bone of the mandible.
  • The most remarkable feature is the dentary bone, which is movably attached to the much-elongated articular bone (cf.
  • Viperidae.-The maxillaries are very short, movably pivoting upon the prefrontals and also attached to the ectopterygoids, so that they can be erected together with the large poison fangs, which, besides reserve teeth, are the only maxillary teeth.

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