Sentence Examples

  • At successive moults the somites increase in number, new somites being added behind those already differentiated, from a formative zone in front of the telsonic region.
  • Certain races moult or cast their skin three times during their larval existence, but for the most part the silkworm moults four times - about the sixth, tenth, fifteenth and twenty-third days after hatching.
  • After several moults the rudiments of two pairs of wings appear, and then the insect creeps up to the surface of the earth, and on to the vine.
  • Both agree in having nothing that can be termed a metamorphosis; they are active from the time of their exit from the egg to their death, gradually increasing in size, and undergoing several moults or changes of skin.
  • Lubbock traced at least twenty moults in Cloeon; at about the tenth rudiments of the wingcases began to appear.

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