Sentence Examples

  • In these salts X = NO 2 and M = one atomic proportion of a monovalent metal, or the equivalent quantity of a divalent metal.
  • If an element or radical combined with one atom of hydrogen, it was termed monovalent; if with two (or with one atom of oxygen, which is equivalent to two atoms of hydrogen) it was divalent, and so on.
  • Group I.: the alkali metals Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, and also Ag, monovalent; Cu, monovalent and divalent; Au, monovalent and trivalent.
  • Group VII.: H (?), monovalent; the halogens F, Cl, Br, I, usually monovalent, but possibly also triand pentavalent; Mn, divalent and trivalent, and possibly heptavalent in permanganates.
  • Being different monovalent atoms or radicals (see Stereo-Isomerism).

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