Sentence Examples

  • 3 I two letters Honorius expressed himself in accord with the monothelite view, for which he was denounced as heretical by the Sixth General Council and anathematized by Pope Leo II.
  • 680; that these converted part of the old mountain folk, who already held some kind of Incarnationist creed; and that their first patriarch and his successors, for about 500 years at any rate, were Monothelite, and perhaps also Monophysite.
  • Almost his first official act was to summon a synod (the first Lateran) for dealing with the Monothelite heresy.
  • It met in the Lateran church, was attended by one hundred and five bishops (chiefly from Italy, Sicily and Sardinia, a few being from Africa and other quarters), held five sessions or "secretarii" from the 5th to the 31st of October 649, and in twenty canons condemned the Monothelite heresy, its authors, and the writings by which it had been promulgated.
  • After the termination of the monothelite controversy (638-680), creed and doctrines were complete; it was only necessary to preserve them intact.

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