Sentence Examples

  • A separation is the symbolic representation of a product of monomial symmetric functions.
  • In terms of x 1, x2, x3,�� The inverse question is the expression of any monomial symmetric function by means of the power functions (r) = sr. Theorem of Reciprocity.-If �1 P2 "3 01 Q 2 7 3 Al A 2 A3 X m1 X m2 X m3 ...
  • The general monomial symmetric function is a P1 a P2 a P3.
  • The sum of the monomial functions of a given weight is called the homogeneous-product-sum or complete symmetric function of that weight; it is denoted by h.; it is connected with the elementary functions by the formula 1 7r1l7r2!7r3!
  • P operators D upon a monomial symmetric function is clear.

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