Sentence Examples

  • His chief works are Elements d'ideologie (1817-1818; 2nd ed., 1824-1825), in which he presented the complete statement of his earlier monographs; Commentaire sur l'esprit des lois de Montesquieu (1806; 5th ed., 1828; Eng.
  • Apollinaris Sidonius (the names are commonly inverted by the French) is the subject of numerous monographs, historical and literary.
  • Among the mass of monographs and special articles, reference may be made to Freeman, Historical Essays, 2nd series, pp. 182 f.; Dodge, Alexander (in a series called Great Captains) 1890; Mahaffy, Problems in Greek History (1892), ch.
  • The purely military aspect of Alexander's campaigns is treated in general histories of warfare (Rustow-Kochly, Bauer, Delbriick, Verdy du Vernois), and in special monographs by Hogarth, Journ.
  • For a comprehensive bibliography, including monographs and published documents, see Ulysse Chevalier, Repertoire des sources hist.

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