Sentence Examples

  • It forms monoclinic crystals which are very soluble in water.
  • VIVIANITE, a mineral consisting of hydrated iron phosphate Fe 3 (PO 4) 2 +8H 2 0, crystallizing in the monoclinic system.
  • O COC 6 H 5, prepared from phenol and benzoyl chloride, crystallizes in monoclinic prisms, which melt at 68-69° C. and boil at 314° C.
  • It seems rather doubtful whether the unstable monoclinic modification of sulphur (0 - sulphur) is ever found in a native state.
  • Allotropic Modifications.-Sulphur assumes crystalline, amorphous and (possibly) colloidal forms. Historically the most important are the rhombic (Sa) and monoclinic (So) forms, discussed by E.

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