Sentence Examples

  • The pieces do not quite reach the level of Chinese monochrome porcelains, but their inferiority is not marked.
  • He took for model the rich and delicate liquid-dawn monochrome, and succeeded in producing some specimens of considerable merit.
  • The preparation in monochrome for this picture, a work of extraordinary power both of design and physiognomical expression, is preserved at the Uffizi, but the painting itself was never carried out, and after Leonardo's failure to fulfil his contract Filippino Lippi had once more to be employed in his place.
  • It closes with the introduction of incised, white-filled decoration on pottery, whose motives are presently found reproduced in monochrome pigment.
  • All students of the ceramic art know that the monochrome porceMonochro- lains of China owe their beauty to the fact that the;afic t color is in the glaze, not under it.