Sentence Examples

  • The characteristic productions of the third among the modern schools are monochromatic and translucid enamels.
  • It is an easily traced outgrowth of the second branch of the Cloisonless first school just described, for one can readily underEameis stand that from placing the decorative design in a monochromatic field of low tone, which is essentially a pictorial method, development would proceed in the direction of concealing the mechanics of the art rn, order to enhance the pictorial effect.
  • At that time monochromatic photographs of the sun were first made on Mount Wilson with the red (Ha) line of hydrogen, previous hydrogen photographs having been taken with H/3, Hy or HS in the blue or violet.
  • SPECTROHELIOGRAPH, an instrument for photographing the sun with monochromatic light.
  • Thus a monochromatic image of the sun is built up on the fixed photographic plate.