Sentence Examples

  • Thus a monochromatic image of the sun is built up on the fixed photographic plate.
  • White light), which is dispersed by refraction, and monochromatic (Gr.
  • In monochromatic light, then, the interference pattern is characterized by three systems of curves: the curves of constant retardation p = const.; the lines of like polarization = const.; the curves of constant intensity I = const.
  • These glazes were not monochromatic: they showed differences of tint, and sometimes marked varieties of color; as when chocolate-brown passed into amber, or black was relieved by streaks and clouds of grey and dead-leaf red.
  • Seifu YOhei, however, has the special faculty of manufacturing monochromatic and jewelled porcelain and faience, which differ essentially from the traditional Kioto types, their models being taken directly from China.

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