Sentence Examples

  • Dial-up access has been replaced for the most part by DSL or cable modem connections which serves the needs of business owners because they allow opening of several Web site pages at the same time while performing phone conversations.
  • DSL, or digital subscriber line. is a high-speed connection that uses existing telephone wires for data transmission requiring a data transmission linking device, or modem, to hook up to your Macintosh or Windows computer.
  • Early phones that were dedicated to VoIP service only came in a standard candybar form factor and most required connection to a base station that was, in turn, physically connected to a router or broadband modem.
  • There is a point with increasing distance when no signal can reach you, promised speed drops to an unusable range, or your DSL modem fails because it cannot capture the signal speed it was designed for.
  • To use your handset as a modem and therefore be able to use the Internet on your computer wherever you go-even if you're not in an area with WiFi-you'll need something called Mobile Broadband Connect.